Labor Saving Containers
The Most Versatile & Environmentally Friendly
Sucker Control Systems Available!

Fair Products pioneered the introduction of practical, economical bulk container systems for tobacco sucker controls with the introduction of Fair Mini-Bulk.

Disposing of empty sucker control containers from a typical 100-acre tobacco farm once required handling several truck loads of jugs and buckets to the landfill, not to mention a lot of triple-rinsing and puncturing. With the introduction of FAIR Mini-Bulk systems, the same 100-acre grower can hold all the containers left over at the end of the season in one hand. Mini-Bulk is not only environmentally responsible, it's convenient, economical and reduces labor.

Mini-Bulk — 275 gallon container
With Fair Products' large 275-gallon Mini-Bulk II container, tobacco growers have the most versatile, environmentally friendly sucker control system available today.

The non-returnable, non-refillable tough 275-gallon polyethylene tank contained inside a 1/4 inch welded steel cage attached to a four-way access pallet, is easy to handle, weatherproof and fits easily in the bed of a pickup truck. With the 275-gallon Mini-Bulk II unit, attaching a pump and meter system requires only 2-inch connectors and a proper length of suction hose.

Fair's Mini-Bulk II takes the place of 138 two-gallon jugs or 55 five-gallon buckets--reducing waste materials by 95 percent or more!
Fair 80SP
A tailor-made water-soluble powder (SP) formulated exclusively for use on tobacco, Fair 80 SP is packaged in bags for one-acre which dissolves in water in a sprayer applicator making mixing clean, easy, and safe. The concentrated dry formulation of Fair 80 SP is packaged in 16 bags to a box, making it easier to store and handle, with little or no possibility of leakage. Using Fair 80 SP eliminates liquid solvents and carriers that are difficult to clean up in the event of a spill. Plus, it reduces container disposal by over 98%, virtually eliminating worker exposure to the active ingredient.