Company Background

Growing a quality tobacco crop under contract to meet more demanding requirements of your cigarette manufacturer or leaf dealers is what you need to do to maximize your profits. Because you are now paid for the quality of tobacco as well as poundage that you deliver to the receiving station, you need to use highly-effective tobacco crop care products.

Fair Products, Inc. now manufactures and distributes the most complete and versatile group of tobacco crop care products available to growers of most types of tobacco grown today. Our high quality products cover a broad spectrum of uses.  Each product has been tested and proven on farms like your own.  Plus, they are available in versatile and available in environmentally-friendly packages and most bulk systems.

Fair Products, Inc.'s high-quality products are:

 * Fair 85 - Contact Sucker Control
 * Fair Tac - Contact Sucker Control
 * FST-7 - Contact & Systemic Sucker Control
 * Fair 30 - Systemic Prevention of Growth of Tobacco Suckers
 * Fair 80 SP - Systemic Prevention of Growth of Tobacco Suckers
 * Fair Plus - Systemic Sucker Control
 * O-TAC - Plant Control Agent for Organic, PRC and MH-Free Tobacco

Our product line-up not only enhances the growth and maturity of the crop, but also protects your leaf against suckers and yield loss. Most importantly, our products will help you improve buyer demand for your leaf and maximize your bottom-line profits.

All of our suckercides are formulated at our
plant in WIlmington, NC
H. Frank Grainger - Owner and Founder

Over his 40-year career, Frank Grainger has been a leader in the tobacco industry, agribusiness, economic development and in higher education.

Frank was born and raised in Columbus County, North Carolina and still is a tobacco grower there. Frank started Fair Products in 1984, buying the company from Fairmount Chemical.

As a fellow grower, Frank was instrumental in forming the Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina, served as treasurer and has taken on leadership roles, serving a number of years as chairman of TGANC’s legislative committee.

TGANC members tour Fair Products plant at Wilmington.
In his TGANC role, Frank has met frequently with North Carolina’s Congressional delegation in Washington, DC. He’s also been integrally involved in North Carolina legislative activities.
Frank Grainger and TGANC Exec. VP Graham Boyd
visited often with the late NC Senator Jesse Helms
in Washington, D.C.
Of his involvement in TGANC, Frank says, “As a founding director of the Tobacco Growers Assn. of North Carolina and as chairman of its Government Relations Committee, I have had the opportunity to impact tobacco’s future, most recently with the quota buyout issue that is coming close to reality in the U.S. Congress. As a fellow tobacco farmer and supporting member of TGANC, I know growers are under tremendous pressure and it is increasingly more difficult to keep the farm in business."
Frank Grainger (center) visits in Washington with Rep. Richard Burr and former Sen. Elizabeth Dole Frank Grainger talks with current House Majority Leader John Boehner
“I have spent many hours working to achieve the best solutions and maximum opportunities for all of us in the legislative process. Why? It’s because I care about all of us being able to stay in business growing tobacco. As a crop protection supplier, I have a vested interest in making sure tobacco farming is successful in the future."
Frank Grainger, along with TGANC directors David Rose and Sam Crews, meet with Attorney Keiran Shanahan (left), who led the fight and gained a favorable ruling from the NC Supreme Court on the Phase II tobacco issue.
“I want growers to know that doing business with Fair Products means fostering a business relationship, working on all the issues in our business all year long. You need allies working and standing along side of you to help win the battles that may put of out of the tobacco growing business. That means all of us in the agribusiness industry, not just the farmers alone, must engage and work tirelessly. I am committed to that goal and look forward to moving ahead with you together.”
Frank Grainger (right), along with TGANC Executive Vice President Graham Boyd (left), discuss favorable NC Supreme Court hearing results with Attorney Reef Ivey, representing the Shanahan Group, and NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler.
An Agriculture and Education Leader in NC

In addition, Frank is a board member of the North Carolina Tobacco Foundation, Inc., the Southern Crop Protection Association, and has served on the NC State Grange Tobacco Executive Board.

An avid supporter of North Carolina State University, Frank has served as a university trustee and as a co-founder and chairman of NC State’s Economic Development Coalition - 2000. Frank was also a founding member of the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Alumni Society, and has also served as a director of NC State Athletic Department’s Wolfpack Club.

A strong advocate of advanced public education, Frank served three four-year terms on he UNC Board of Directors, where he sat with fellow distinguished state leaders in guiding the future of the UNC System. Frank also is a board member of the Research Triangle Foundation.

Frank’s Tobacco Industry Awards/Honors
Outstanding TGANC Director Award  
NC State Tobacco Greats-
B&W Export Leaf's Randy Harrison and Frank Grainger
Life award

In 2009, Frank received a prestigious new award from the
Tobacco Farm Life Museum:

“In recognition of outstanding achievements to
NC’s Tobacco and Agricultural Community”

He’s now one of four that have been honored with this award:
NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler, long-time tobacco
veteran Bill Lamm, Frank, and retired NC State Tobacco Leader Bill Collins.

Congratulations to Dr. Bill Collins - a dear friend of Fair Products Inc. and the NC tobacco industry!
  Parker reads poetry picture  
During a special dinner and program attended by several hundred NC tobacco growers and industry leaders held at the Angus Barn Pavilion during the 2014 Southern Farm Show, Fair Products Inc. president Frank Grainger (left) and sales representative Parker Phillips (right) congratulated retired NC State University Extension Tobacco Coordinator Dr. Bill Collins (center) on his 50+ years of significant contributions to the NC tobacco industry.

At the event, Parker read a special poem that he penned for the occasion entitled an "Ode to Our 21st Century Tobacco Great!" Known for meaningful poetry he's written over the years about the NC tobacco industry, Parker's poem cited the many accomplishments and memorable "sayings" made famous by the industry's long-time tobacco great.

Read the poem here